Upgrade - Silver Set to Gold Set

$ 490.00$ 2,649.00
  • HawkGrips Upgrade - Silver Set to Gold Set

Upgrade - Silver Set to Gold Set

$ 490.00$ 2,649.00

So often companies only give their best deals to new customers. This is our way of rewarding our current customers with one of our best deals ever.

Buying a full set is much less expensive than buying individual instruments, so this is your chance to upgrade to a Gold set and get credit for the HawkGrips tools you already own. 

Keep the instruments you have now, we’ll send you the ones you need to complete your Gold set. We’ll send you the additional instruments at a reduced price reflecting what the full set would cost you. This way you get the discounted price for the Gold set.

Plus! We’ll include:

  • Regular Emollient
  • HawkHydro and HawkHydro+ Emollients
  • Imprinted Microfiber Towel
  • Printed User Manual
  • Foam Tray For Storing
  • Ballistic Nylon Roll-up Carrying Case
  • Free GOLD STATUS ‘Early Adopter’ Enrollment in HawkGrips FamilyTM