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  • Course Description


    This 8-hour course covers the skills necessary to safely and effectively implement Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training. The course is set up in a “learn by doing” format in which participants will receive hands-on instruction in the proper use of BFR Equipment and Training. After understanding the history, research, physiology, and implications for use, attendees will put this in to practice in supervised lab sessions. Attendees will be exposed to exercise protocols and provided with resources to ensure safe training. In order to be certified in HawkGrips BFR, attendees will be required to pass a 20 question exam with a passing score of 70% at the conclusion of the course.

    Please dress to allow access to upper and lower quarters to enhance the learning process.

  • Who Should Attend


    Open to those who have achieved, or are a student in their junior or senior year (transcripts required) working towards one or more of the following credentials: Athletic Trainer, Chiropractor, Occupational Therapist/Assistant, Physical Therapist/Assistant, Personal Trainers, Strength and Conditioning Specialists.

    For other relevant credentials please contact HawkGrips to verify eligibility.

  • Course Outline


    Welcome and Introduction to BFR
    • Participants will be introduced to instructor and each other. Instructor will provide very general overview of BFR and highlight topics to be covered.

    History of BFR and Literature Review
    • Instructor will educate participants on BFR’s origins in Japan, testing and development of concept, and provide a review of current research. Instructor will provide education in critical appraisal of research identifying current strengths and weaknesses.

    Applications of BFR
    • Participants will learn about the many applications of BFR, which can be applied to a wide demographic range. They will understand in detail how it can be used as an adjunct to standard training, maintaining fitness during rehabilitation, and in other situations when traditional heavy lifting isn’t possible. Case studies will be shared demonstrating its global impact on many of the body’s systems.

    Mechanisms of BFR
    • Instructor will review anatomy and physiology behind the local and systemic mechanisms that occur as a result of BFR. Vascular effects, disruption of homeostasis, and anabolic response of BFR will be reviewed.

    Safety and Efficacy of BFR
    • Indications and contraindications for HawkGrips BFR training will be reviewed. Participants will understand impacts of cuff design on BFR and how it will alter overall blood pressure. Instructor will also educate participants on the impact BFR has on muscle, nerve, bone, tendon, and vasculature.

    Safety Demonstrations and Practice
    • Participants will see and understand that B Strong BFR causes no arterial occlusion with maximal inflation. Participants will compare B Strong to a rigid cuff at rest and with exercise. Additional topics of doppler ultrasound and limb occlusion pressure will be discussed.

    Efficacy Demonstrations and Practice 
    • Participants with perform bilateral lightweight exercise with band around one extremity and not the other. They will be able to experience the disturbance of homeostasis and gain a better understanding of the effect restriction has on the musculoskeletal system with exercise.

    Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, and Total Body Exercise
    • Instructor will lead participants in example exercises and expose to different protocols. Participants will be educated on the importance of band placement and proper exercise form. They will also get to experience performing and coaching at least one upper extremity exercise set, one lower extremity exercise set, and one total body exercise set.

    B Strong App and Q & A
    • Instructor will walk participants through utilizing the B Strong App personally or for clients. Time will also be given to ask questions based on what was learned during lecture or practical sessions.

    Exam, Exam Review, and Closing
    • In order to become certified in HawkGrips BFR, participants must pass exam with at least a 70%. Opportunity will be given to re-take the exam, but no more than three opportunities will be allowed. Instructor will review the exam with participants and close with summarizing key take home points.

Course - Fundamentals of Blood Flow Restriction Training - Chattanooga TN - September 26th, 2020

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Professional Package + Course Bundle 
This 8 band Blood Flow Restriction Professional Pack is ideal for therapists who work with multiple clients. The package contains a range of BFR bands to accommodate limb sizes between 7 - 29 in (18 - 73.5cm).

Individual Package + Course Bundle
This 4 band Blood Flow Restriction Individual Package is ideal for the budget minded clinician looking to get started with BFR and add additional band sizes in the future. 3 different size combinations available below. Individual Package 3 is the most common. 

  • Individual Package 1: Size #1: Fits 7 - 12.25 inches & Size #3: Fits 16 - 24.5 inches
  • Individual Package 2: Size #2: Fits 10.25 - 17.75 inches & Size #3: Fits 16 - 24.5 inches
  • Individual Package 3: Size #2: Fits 10.25 - 17.75 inches & Size #4: Fits 21.25 - 31.25 inches