IASTM and BFR Virtual Certification

IASTM and BFR Virtual Certification


Patrick Weter, PTA
Swedish American Medical Center, Belvidere, IL

This is an awesome course! I saw immediate, positive results during the hands-on sections. The instructor had a vast knowledge of the applications, which he applied in the course and in his practice. Excellent course for any level therapist to take.

Barbara Deering, PT, CLT-LANA, CAPP, CKTP
Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation at Florida Hospital Deland

The instructor was very knowledgeable and the techniques practical. I was able to return to clinic and put the techniques to use with several patients the first day! I was very impressed with the outcomes from implementing this in our clinic! So were the patients!

Brian Lewton, MS, AT, ATC, CES/PES
Head Athletic Trainer, Football, Wrestling, Baseball, Mount Saint Joseph University

I loved having other medical professionals come onto our campus and to sit side by side with them learning a new skill. It was a great experience all around.