IASTM Tool Sets

IASTM Tool Sets

IASTM Tool Sets

IASTM Tool Sets

HawkGrips Instruments Platinum Set

Platinum Set

$ 3,549.00
HawkGrips Instruments Gold Set

Gold Set

$ 2,649.00
HawkGrips Instruments Silver Set

Silver Set

$ 2,149.00
HawkGrips Instruments Introductory Set

Introductory Set

$ 1,109.00


A professional golfer wouldn’t try to win the Masters with just one or two golf clubs. They have numerous clubs to give them maximum choice and approach. In much the same way, medical professionals need the right instruments to maximize their treatment options. HawkGrips offers more instruments for both large and small muscle groups. With up to 29 single and double-bevel treatment edges, you can get your patients and athletes moving better in less time.